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Carrot Cake Chocolate Cherry Key Lime
       Chocolate Raspberry German Chocolate •**Oreo Madness
Lemon Supreme Pink Lemonade
**Shady Grady Strawberry Baby
Chocolate PepperNicPatty Pineapple Crush
Plain Ol’ Chocolate Plain Ol’ Vanilla 
Almond Wedding Cake Reese’s Peanut Buttercup
White Chocolate Cranberry White Chocolate Lemon
Bobbi's Butter Pecan• Loaded Lemon•**Chocolate Heath Crunch
Cherry Vanilla Almond Nutella Banana Madness
Caramel Apple Pie• Summer Time
***Sweet Potato Pie***

*** Seasonal***
Spiced "Robin" Eggnog Rum Cupcakes
'Jean'gerbread Lemon cupcakes w/ Cinnamon cream cheese buttercream


Mini Cupcakes  $15 dozen (3 dz minimum order required)Regular cupcakes  $30.00 DZ / $15.00 half dz
Jumbo Cupcakes  $48.00 DZ / $24.00 half dz

Specialty Cupcakes
(These cupcakes contain fresh fruits, nuts, and other additional cost items)
*See specialty cupcake flavors menu
Regular $39 dozen / $19.50 half dozen
Jumbo $54.00 DZ /$27.00 half dozen

Specialty Cupcake Menu
*“Shady Grady” Strawberry Baby! *Death by “Choco-Lexi”
*Fannie May Turtle *French Toast Maple Bacon
*Chocolate Heath Crunch *Red Velvet Oreo Truffle
•*Butter Pecan

$54.00 dozen / $27.00 half dozen

Caramel Pear
Golden Oreo Truffle •  Neapolitan

All cake pops come packaged in a bakery box, unwrapped.

Basic Cake pops  $24.00 dozen (2 dz minimum)
Basic: Round shape, on a stick, with sprinkles, sugars, swirls, or plain

Custom Cake Pops  start at $30.00 dz / $2.50 each
Custom: color and design specific to your event -this does NOT include shapes

Shaped Cake Pops start at  $3.00 each / $36.00 dz 
Shaped: a variety of shapes to fit your theme. For more intricate shapes, the price will increase per cake pop.

Character Cake Pops  start at  $5.00 each / $60.00 dz
Characters: Various characters to fit your theme. For more detail and intricate characters, the price will increase per cake pop.

Cake Pop Add On's
Cake pop add on's are available to enhance your order to your specifications.
Pattern Paper Straws $3.00 dz addt'l
Bling Sticks $12.00 dz addt'l
Individually wrapped $3.00 dz addt'l
Individual wrap with a tag $6.00 dz addt'l
Window Display Cake Pop Box set $4.00
Display Stand (no box) $2.00

*Please note that prices are subject to change without notice*