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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Did somebody say "tipsy"... from a cupcake???

Most people I know have a drink or two for their birthday.... Aaannnddd then there are those that love the alternative.... Enter the "Drunken" cupcake! One of my favorite coworkers just had a birthday, and she was brave enough to be the guinea pig for my first go at this "drunken" cupcake thing. And what lucky libation was chosen you might ask? I chose Grand Marnier. Why? Well, because cognac is extremely smooth going down and what flavor do you think I chose to mix this smoothness with? Yep, you guessed it- chocolate! I whipped up some Chocolate Grand Marnier cupcakes. This sweet, orange flavored cognac danced very will with the rich chocolate batter. I topped them with my sinful milk chocolate butter cream frosting. I then made a semi-sweet chocolate ganache soaked in the cognac to drizzle atop the frosting. And for the finale, I topped them with candied pecans. Alas, my finished birthday cupcakes........

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