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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

L♥ve is in the air... Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's  Day..... it found me very under the weather this year :(,  but I was determined to make it extra sweet anyway.  I was ready to add some sinfully delicious sweetness by way of firing up the oven. I decided to do two flavors this year, with two variations of each. The lucky flavors for the "Love" day were Oreo Madness and Cherry Vanilla Almond.  Oreo Madness is an oreo filled batter, frosted with a deliciously  rich oreo filled buttercream frosting, topped with an Oreo.  The variation was a Double Chocolate Dipped Oreo Madness cupcake.  It consisted of double chocolate batter filled with semi-sweet chocolate chips AND oreos. It was then  dipped in chocolate and topped  with an Oreo for the finish! If you love oreos, then this is the cupcake  for you!  For those that love cherries,  I made a Cherry Vanilla Almond cupake with an almond cake batter that was frosted with a delicious cherry buttercream. The variation was the same cupcake dipped in chocolate for an extra sweet finish. Both cupcakes were garnished with Valentine decoration for an extra special touch. Here are some pics of orders and pics that a customer sent.....  THANK YOU TO ALLOF MY CUSTOMERS ON THIS VALENTINE'S DAY♥♥♥♥:).....
Some of my orders, boxed and ready to go!

Mixed dozen of Cherry Vanilla Almond & Chocolate Dipped Cherry Vanilla Almond cupcakes

Another mixed dozen of Cherry Vanilla Almond & Double Chocolate dipped Oreo Madness

Oreo Madness cupcakes 

A happy customer's photo

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