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Friday, February 27, 2015

"I'M A SURVIVOR"........

I received an order from a sweet customer of mine regarding one of  her coworkers.  She wasn't really sure if I would be able to do it for her, but little did she know, I would have done it with 3 hours to spare!  She was explaining that her friend and coworker was  "finishing her last round of chemo" and they wanted to throw her a party.... blah blah blah... Are you kidding me? !!!  She had me at "last round of chemo".  Done deal.  I LOVED making these cupcakes for such an amazing celebration of life and a kick-ass lady! 

Many of you may not  know that this is very close to my heart because my mother is breast cancer survivor as well. Judi was kind enough to allow me to post a pic of her from the office party.  THANK YOU JUDI! And God bless you and your continued strength and fight.... OK, getting a little teary-eyed, so I'll end this with pics from my latest baking venture.... 

Butterflies--- they're a reminder of how beautifully you come out of a such a difficult process, no matter what it is....

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