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Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Americas Cake & Sugarcraft Fair

I'm heeerrree! Gonna be here all three days! Yesterday was the first day and I arrived in the afternoon just in time for my first demo / instruction class-- Cupcakes meet Wedding Cake Design, instructed by Michelle Bommarito. If you was watched the Food Network,  I'm sure you will remember her. She was on there many times. She was amazing, very informative,  and funny as hell. I had just enough time to get two classes done, and run into the Expo to take a peek and buy more baking stuff.. I only have two pics, but I will certainly have more for you later. This is so much fun and so eye opening. My goal today between classes, is to meet and greet with the Cake Boss...:)..  I'm up and getting ready for Modeling Chocolate Roses  with Toba Garret..  will be with more back later!

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