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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Late May Birthday Post (one of three I'll be posting this week)------'By far, this has been my favorite order. These three precious munchkins are so dear to my heart. Lacey, JT, and Ryan had a double birthday on May 14th. Lacey and JT are now 3 year old twins, and baby Ryan turned 1.  I'm still trying to figure out how mommy and daddy **Jill and Curtis**, managed to pull off having a set of twins and a baby boy in the same month, but different year ???? Go figure!

At any rate, I was most excited to do this order for them. They are THE sweetest little ones, and I love this family to pieces. Plus, it's always exciting to do themes for kids. I was able to deliver my fist smash cake for Ryan (and yes, they will be on the menu soon) and even threw some homemade fondant in the mix (another post coming for that ). The cake itself is actually covered in buttercream, as I was excited to be able to master the "look" of fondant with buttercream. The flavor was Oreo Madness, both chocolate and yellow cake; with a little alteration so that the kiddos wouldn't be bouncing off the walls with all of the sugar.  See my beautiful little munchkins below enjoying their day. It was too cute for words....

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